Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I guess I have lost it. The passion and the zeal to do something or anything new. I feel I live a robotic life. Waking up at 7:15, making breakfast, getting ready for office, packing lunch, having breakfast ..working and working with no proper goal. Coming back….putting things at their place…clothes, slippers, bag, specs, earphones. Changing clothes. Serving dinner..slicing beetroot, serving curd,dal and 1.5 chapati. Eating dinner while watching friends. Talk sometime on phone and sleep.

Every single day…I repeat the same thing…the same schedule. Fuck! I earn decent….I wear decent clothes. Eat at good places during weekend. Shop. But what is it that is missing. I don’t know. Everything is pretty good. Maybe I am bored. But I am bored everywhere. Even when on holidays. When I go out for a movie. When I shop. Everything seem a task for me. EVERY DAMN THING! Even having food. I just want to lie down and do nothing. Just nothing! You know in my pajamas! Not caring about my weight or about the pimples on my face..the dark circles..or any fucking damn thing.

I don’t talk to anyone. Any of my friend I mean. I talk to my parents and him. That’s it! Is that could be the reason of my monotony? Maybe!

Maybe I am just tired of living here. It’s been 4.5 years since I have been living away from home. But after some point of time, I get bored at home too. But atleast I am not bothered about what to get cook in breakfast lunch and dinner. About the cleanliness of my house.

At times I feel like taking a sabbatical. But then “Planning” you know. “Planning” the next year doesn’t let me take the leaves.

I have no clue what to do to break the monotony. Suggest me some please?


The Boy Next Door said...

Exactly same feelings, following the post hope will get ways to make life more interesting.

Me said...

May be you forgot to talk to the mornings. It's the best time but your schedule seems too busy that you ignore the beauty of MORNING. If you like writing, do it in the morning. And how can you conclude office... don't you love your job? doesn't it excite you?