Monday, December 7, 2009

Burning Desires!!!!!

I hate it when u speak of her. I hate every word that flows out from your mouth .I envy every letter that praises her.. That pile of burning desires destroys all longing and affection I have for you. I cant hear a word when u praise her, I cant bear her name on your lips. You are not mine but you cant be hers.
Every night I see you in her arms and I broke down in thousand of pieces and my soul wander in search of a place where I could see nothing but you, you....all Mine and no one else amidst us.
I see her laughing at me and shouting that you are not mine, I feel her minions disgracing my soul..I cry but no one listen....I shout but no one care....I mourn but cant see anyone around...except graves of the moments when I once was alive.
I burn down into ashes to emerge as a Phoenix, to burn again in your desires .......everyday.

P.S: "Grief and disappointment give rise to anger, anger to envy, envy to malice, and malice to grief again, till the whole circle be completed."

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