Sunday, December 6, 2009

Banglore Junction

She was rushing....again late....this habbit has always vexed her. Thnx to our Indian Railways...this tym also the train was late by 30 mins. She went in and adjust all her baggage. Mammoth of work was pending so without wasting tym she opened her laptop and starts playing with numbers and figures.As it was 5 in the
morning and she was feelin damn soporific , she decided to have a coffee first. She went out and looked around for some tea stall. Getting coffee at this tym and in tea stall is a big thing, luckily she got one. The train started and so do her work.Hours passed and she was fathomly involved in her work . Noise of other passangers couldnt disturb her. All these years she has succumbed herself with work , work and only work.
Stations come and went by, passengers steped up and down...train was whirling...she shuted down her lappy and closed her eyes.Her face was covered with her dupatta.....and she slept............

"Excuse me"... abruptly a voice collides her ear drum.
Without completely opening her eyes she searched for ticket and handed it to the person standing.
"M sorry Ma'am but I am not a TT"
Damn....then what this person wants. She turned to see his face.

A long pause....things got static for a moment. None of them moved. Life always throw a lagniappe when is least expected. Do they have to meet like this after ages. Never in her weirdest dream she thought of meeting him like this. Almost a decade has passed. Time has moved on and so has she. Yes, she has moved on. She is not a naive,insane, lovable and always smilling girl . Today she is a 'women'. A women
mature enough to take decisions of her own life, strong enough to live alone in a strange city, and dedicated enough to not let her mind get distracted with her past. In short she is a numb, workaholic Women today.

"How r u?"
"M gud. How are you?"
"M fine"
"Good to see you after a long time"
"The feeling is mutual"

There was an awkward silence between them, which last for hours.

"So, where r u working? You were into your Master's when we last met"
"Yeah...long tym. M working with a Bank. Have just got a transfer to Banglore. What about you? Still in Infy?"
"No...left that long back. Did my Master's. Now working in Banglore itself. Irony it is, again in the same city. History repeats itself"
"But exceptions always remains"

A small pause

"So, what else. Howz everyone at home?"
"Everyone is fine. Bhai got admission in a good B school. Doing his Master's."
"Great. are staying alone in Banglore?"
"Yeah...I love my own company.(smiled) Anyways cant share my space with anyone now...."
"Hmmmm..........Howz Parul?
"Oh she got married two years back. She's in Noida"
"Thats great"

"Yeah.....And......Errr...........what about your life? I mean ........err.......".....

And they reached their destination...."Banglore Junction"......


Anonymous said...

y dnt u start writin your own book.. seriously..!!!

Mansi said...

nw this is too much of exaggeration!!!!

Anonymous said...

no exaggeration.. i wrote wat i felt..
d way u put in the whole conversation.. usin metaphors.. all dse r traits of veteran writers.. hope u gettin me..!!

Muntazir said...

i think geetika is right should write your own book.....beautiful can visit mine also @

Mansi said...


thnx :-)
will surely visit ur blog...between i like ur name!!!!!

Shaan said...

zakass ...acha likha good