Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who Are You????????

I read all the mails u send once...I was feelin as if all those things are again happening in front of me. I could feel that love overflowing from your eyes,I could again see your eyes peeping into mine, I could feel warmth of your words deep into my heart. Do you remember the nights we used to chat continuously fr hrs and hrs? Do you remember the nights we spent talking, crying, laughing and dreaming? Do u remember the dreams we saw together?
I read all our chats and mails. Truely speaking, I missed that time, when u were here with me. I miss the tym you used to call everyngt just to know wthr I'am happy or not. I miss the time when silence was the best conversation between us. I miss the time when even our eyes could speak and we feel content just by looking at each other. You made me realise that life is actually beautiful. U taught me to saw dreams, u taught me to laugh, u taught me to smile. The reason y I still miss u is coz of the tym we have had spent together. We even talk today, but neither u r the same nor I. Things have changed, tym has changed, n so does We.
A lot has changed amidst us. We both have come a long way, a way where we talk, where we smile, where we work....but we are not the one which we were once. Its lyk coming to a place where u dont want to come, doing work which u dont enjoy and talking with your people whom you are not interested in. In the same way we talk, even when we dont want to, and complete our formalities of having chitchat with one another. Isnt? Their exist a sort of wall between us. We hide things or better say we dont want to discuss things of our "personal lives".Smetym I feel lyk hugging you tight . R u in pain? R u happy? Why you hide things? Why you always keep a circle aound and dont allow anyone to cross that? Why you always keep the door of your heart shut? What you want to hide inside it? What you want to keep away from this world?
Let me know who are you? Let me meet the Real You!!!!!!


arvind said...

very nice one..

after a certain point - it becomes deceptive..

or it becomes bored..

but keep trying - is our lives..

u wonderfully wrote the question of me too..


Mansi said...