Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Castle..once mine!!!!!

That room was mine...entirely mine. I owe that place. Every corner, every wall, each window and the door....It was mine. Someone has gifted that to me once as a symbol of care and love he had . In initial days I wasnt very comfortable with the place, it was new to me, to have a place of my own. Time passes and I started enjoying the warmth and coziness of that place. I took pleasure in living there. I decorate it with all colours, I saw dreams....dream of my future, dreams to have my man by my side....the man who gifted the most beautiful moments of my life, moments which I can never forget till the last breath of my journey called life.
Time this time that space was mine, but things were going away from me....slowly....colours were fading, dreams were fissuring.......I was loosing my own belongings. I saw someone entering my room.....He said I have to share it with her......I denied....he got annoyed......I agreed. I shared my space with her. Days went by...she was using my stuffs...she was colouring my space in her own colours....colours just opposite of mine. I fought, I cried, I shouted....but no one listened me. I slept with my pillow ....wet with tears.
Mornings came and nights by day I was made to share my space with more people. .I was helpless....saw my entitiies fussing with me........he came and assured that these things are still mine..I smiled....but truth was different.I could sense that.....
Years passed and I am a complete stranger in my own space today....his past is now his present.....and I am standing at the door...dont knw what step should I take now. Should I step in and fight for my love or should I go out and free him with his love?

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m speechless..!!