Friday, July 23, 2010

Paradigm shift

ok..I ws out of this place fr about a month...reason being..I ws craving for sme tym off...yeah sme dayz away from these social networking sites, acquaintances , nutshell away from the social circle.Only few close ppl kw where I was and what I ws upto.These days I really gave a thought to umpteen of things in my life...good-bad,pompous- worthless, things I have been chasing for long and vice versa. And I unfolded lot many inferences. I actually realized things to which I was giving so much of importance are nothing but sham.I am such a dolt that I give people and things, the right to hurt my soul.I mean how can a person or a thing decide to make me feel good or worse, how can anyone's presence can affect the way I feel and think in any way.Its like giving your life to a person to play with...and crip in case they break it. If you really are concerned with your life...then its only you who can take utmost care of it..and nobody else in the world.Not even the best of frnds.
Frnds, parents, beloved...they can't stand beside you always.Its you who has to stand alone at the end.I may sound didactic but this is what the fact is.The harsh reality of life is that You are alone.Find your priorities as soon as possible else you'll be playing a second fiddle in someone's life.

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