Friday, July 30, 2010


How preposterous it is to listen all new story about oneself every other day. Yeah, I am talking about myself. From the day I left my job, people call me up and ask same old questions, as to, where am I, what am I up to......blah blah blah.....some of them are fabricating umpteen of stories in coalition with others.Some think that I have joined somewhere else,while other blvs that I have been dumped by my boyfriend (gosh I hate this ignoble word.I mean better word could be used for the same), reason for which I left my job( and that made me laugh fr the whole day). Heights were when one of the girl I know came to me and asked." You getting married?".I mean what the heck?? On what hell basis all these predictions were made??? And why on me???
Well I called my frnd(whom they considered my "boyfrnd") and told all these shity things talked about. And as expected...we laughed lyk hell. Yeah, the only mode of entertaintment in my life these days. Well they do have their reasons for prognosis.I was out of this place( my virtual and real world) for more than a month, even my frnds are astonished.2-3 days back one of my frnd called up to ensure wthr I am alive or not(frnds they said my dimness has become a topic of concern amidst them. For their sake and for the ppl who cares..I am back from my hibernate mode...not totally active though...I come online for few minutes everyday, check my fb few posts...make comments on some...check my mails...and go back...But one thing I surely miss are blogs..specially of wildflower, Tapas and Mayank...Perhaps January 2011 and i'll be back in my form again.....overngt chats, sms, calls.....these days even my cell phone slumbers whole day :-).
For the time being..I let others to tell a tall tale :-)


Anonymous said...

hahahahaahahahahahaha ........u laughed like dis??? .....nw m laughing like crazy after reading dis post :) :) :) :):) :) :):)

Abhinav said...

dat anonymous is me Abhinav