Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Your wonts ..............

What do you see in those eyes? Agony, Pain, wait, Love, affection? Or hate, resentment? Is she not jealous by the way you talk with every other woman but not her? Does she not told you the level of sateity she feel inside your aura? She did....upmteen times....when you were engaged in influencing each damsel of your town, She clamored for your love, for you touch. She beseeched every now and then for she wanted you to be with her, to not leave her. You never cared to listen once what she was trying to utter, for the vestibule for you. You never was concerned to what she feels or want..the only thing which was the centre of concern was "You" and your false chauvinism. For all the trespasses you did, for all the contusions you gave to her never repent for them. Was she a mere medium to satisfy your carnal desires or was that really love from your side? But how can love be so can it be so deceptive?
And even today you talked to her in a way as if shez a minion of your libidos. Your deeds have made her numb. She neither hate nor love anyone...not even her parents.She dont care of her existence. Do you ever realize how wickedly you have ruined her. She cant even curse you for it.....This is what love is for her.


Shaan said...

what to say....should i say what are u doing to urself will it matters u..... i m no one to say
but i read every post by u...hope u remembered me

Maubrey said...

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Mansi said...

i do
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