Thursday, November 11, 2010

I like life moment at a time...

24 hours in a day...I remember when I was in school...I used to spend around 8 hrs there...around 3 hours of tuition..3 hours of self study with a sound sleep of around 7 hour...and the next day when I used to wake up...I always get up fresh and rejuvenated.
Today, the time which I have is still 24hours a school, no college, left job so job...but still I feel like I dont have time to do anything....I sleep but still feel awake whole night..I listen to music but still dont feel the magic of it in my heart....and when I wake up I feel more whole night I did some herculean task. I cant study properly..there is something or the other which keeps on disturbing me and then I feel how it feels like to grow up...I miss my school life...miss it to the extreme...when I had time for eveything..studies, fun, music, sleep..everything. And today, life is just upside so much has changed. And I dont like changes...I never liked changes. When I changed my school in 11th it took more than 2 months to adjust there...I like life moment at a time. I get confused when so many things happen together. The feeling of hate and Love together...the urge to love and being loved, the time when night falls out and dawn enters, feel drowsy and still want to awake..when a train comes and other departure, when a song finishes and other starts..goodbyes and hellos...they make me feel bad...these emotions ...two at a time...what should I feel? Bliss of hellos or sorrow of goodbyes? Beauty of night or freshness of dawn? Love to hate or hate to love? Madness to love someone or pleasure of being loved? Why cant I feel all these moments but one at a time? Why life moves so fast and never waits for anyone? Why it takes things away when we are least prepared and give something when we never expect? Strange it is….Life and its mysteries!!!!


funkyrave said...

Okay.. finally at 2:09 AM in my office, I happen to read something, which actually describes my situation.. Feels like saying "welcome to the league" but better to say.. Chill maar yaar..
I am through the same phase.. And I too dont have even enough time to put that as in my blog..
Anyways.. Changes are invetible.. so Hope next change will be for better.
SO we in pact.. lets hope for miracles! :)

funkyrave said...

sorry for the typos!

Mansi said...


good to see you here after long ...2:09 your office???
HOPE...i don't hope for things now...they just happen!!