Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Note of this year ( Few words for some people of my life)

This year too has passed...lots has has too...changes are inevitable...I know..I personally don’t adore changes...but then, sometimes you just have to leave things as they are...they have their reasons to be like that. This year..2010...I won't say it was a year full of pain, tears...No..This year gave me moments which I cannot forget....ever...I met people so wonderful and full of life...Some known strangers...and above all the time I spent with myself this year...I never talked with my heart so much ever.
On 1st of January 2010...I had them...all of them...and today..on 31st of December...I can only see my heart talking with me..Consoling me reasons to smile. the end of this year...I want to say few things to some people...I can’t really express my emotions...I am very bad at today, I want to share my feelings with them..


You have been a real source of inspiration for me. You are a perfect woman...I haven't met a woman stronger than you. I know we both hardly agree on anything, we have different ideologies...I have been very rude with you at times. I know I always took Dad's side whenever there was some argument between you two...but I admire you with all my heart..more than love I have respect for you. I know you have gone through harsh realities of have suffered a lot to make this house a home. I know without you we can't stand...even for a second. You are the most precious pearl of this ocean...and you are the most important part of my life. Without you I can't walk...
I know I haven't said this to you ever...but "I Love You".

To You
You know it all..don't you? No word in this world has power enough to express the love I have for you. You are the most beautiful thing that has happened in my life. With you I realized how beautiful life is. With you I learned to smile with my heart. You were a friend, a guide, a were the Love of my life. You were the Man I wanted in my life...everything about you was just perfect...for me...yes, it was perfect. With you my heart laughed...without can my heart even live without you? You live with me..inside me! We can’t be together...but you are always with me...I feel you around every second of each passing hour...every hour of each passing day. I don’t have to be with you to feel you...I don’t have to close my eyes to see remain with me..all the time. They say years have passed...when will I get over to your memories? They don't know...what you are to me. We have talked without words...we have danced without music...we have made love without touching each can I ever get over to your memories? You are not with me yet you’re the most beautiful gift I have.
Words...words stands nowhere to describe the feeling I have...I love you and will always do...till infinity.
(I wish you again say "me...infinity +1")

To My best Friend (Atrangi)
I am sorry for the things happening amidst us...I am sorry for the things I did which may have hurt you. I know we were best of friends once...and you still are the only person I can trust today. I don’t know why things changed!
I won't say much...just one thing...whether we talk or not....whether we remain in contact or not....whether I hold any importance in your life now or were..are.. and will always be my best friend. I wish you all the success, love and happiness for all these coming years. I love you dear....and will always do.

To the other woman

I don't know why am I writing anything to you...may be because you have my thing now! You have the most precious thing of this world. Take care of him...he is very sensitive. Laugh with him...he loves it. Listen to his stories...with interest...he is the best storyteller I have ever met. Dance with him...he loves dancing. Make good food for him...he is a connoisseur of food. Give him your shoulder when he feel matter how strong he looks...he is still a small kid at heart. Understand his pain through his eyes...he will never say or utter his pain. Never leave him alone...never. He won't argue for don't ever argue with him. Try to read his eyes..his eyes says it all. He won't ask you to do have to understand him to know what he want. Develop the habit of reading girl...he won't spend a day without reading some pages of his novel. Be his best friend...he needs a friend not love at times. Hold him tight when he has a bad dream...he often have them. He is not any boy...but a Man...a mature keep aside your girly talks and be a woman he want.
Don't ever fight with him....ever...Love him...Love him with all your heart...this is all he need.


Geets said...

u're simply fantabulous mansi..!!
how do u do dis??
ur post is awesome.. nd i cud actualy relate quite a few moments.. connecting me wid d same..
u knw naa.. v're all da same yar..!!
i just loved dis.. and every word u hav written for all d ppl concerned is brilliant..!!
just once agn, before this year ends.. I AM ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS DER WITH YOU.. BE IT ANYTHING..!!! U'LL ALWAYS FIND ME BESIDE U..!!
keep smiling darling.. u're my swthrt..!!

Soumya said...

Its an irony that on the last day of the year we wrote an ode to the other woman, and not to ourselves..

Wishing you only happiness in the year to come..

sarita mangnani said...

love ur writing mansi.. Keep up d gud wrk.all d best fo dis yr n many more yrs to come.. God bless..:)

Mansi said...


this post is very close to my heart...I hardly re-read any of my post after writing...but this one...I read almost 10 times after writing..don't know why!!
I know you were der and will always be...but now..Its time for me to fight this battle alone...and I know with well wishers like you...I am gonna win....someday!!

Mansi said...

We are actually writing these words for the person who holds our thing now...n mere holding never mean that person owe that!!!

Thnx a lot for the wishes....n wish u a blissful life ahead!!!

thnx sweets...these are not just a story in itself....
Thnx for the wishes....wish u a lovely year ahead!!!

Shaan said...

Aur mere liya kuch nahi likha.....hahaha
i will wait for Dec-2011

...simply best one

Mansi said...