Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Déjà vu

I see glimpse of my past flashing in front of my eyes every minute of each passing day. I see my yesterday dreams running inside my mind. Dreams I forgot years back. Things I lost. People I missed. All of them. It feels like suddenly all those things want to come back to me.

About Dreams
Those dreams where I see trees…huge trees…lush green…flowers all around and within seconds it turns to be nothing but a barren land. And I stood there…saying nothing..with cold eyes and no movement at all. I have seen that place somewhere in real. Where? I don’t remember. I had this dream when I was a kid. About seven-eight years old. And now..suddenly my mind went back and I saw those trees…that barren land with open eyes.

I am a victim of bad dreams. People dream of good things…I dream of things that make no sense in this life. I see women…dressed in blood red ghagras, black chunris and bangles. I can’t see their faces…not once. Only thing I could see apart from them are their homes….weird they look to me…broken, half cemented, grey bricks…so many houses in a row…and a well….dry..old.

I often had dreams of someone taking me to a place where there are walls…all white….no house…no doors but walls….huge…big..Shinning white like diamonds! I never have seen the face of that “someone” but I always felt that he/she is someone I know.
And from the past few months I dream of him. He..taking me to places..talking something I couldn’t understand. His face..I couldn’t see his face sometime…but I know it is him. I couldn’t hear his voice but could sense him around. He always takes me to this place which looks very familiar yet I could not recall where and what it is.

These days…I see five to six dreams in one night…and rarely do I remember what I have seen after I woke up. But about all those above stated dreams and many more…I don’t know why suddenly I remember them all and for what reason they are again a part of my thoughts after years!

About People

We meet hundreds and thousands of people in our life. Remember some…forget others. As we move forward we forget more than half of ‘remembered’ people as we are too busy making new friends..meeting new people..going to new places. Very few people, we actually are able to take along. It happens with everyone and so I am no exception here. But, today…when I stopped for sometime…I get blurred memories of these people whom I left far behind. I feel as if those people are still with me. As if they still are talking with me…sharing laughs…fights…secrets…giggles. My junior classes school friends…few neighbors…people I met during my summer vacations at my grandparents place. People met during journeys…bus stands…streets…shops...stations. I always love sitting at stations. I always reach stations before time..and I have met some wonderful people sitting with me waiting for their trains.

Yes, they all are coming back to me…all of a sudden. People call it Déjà vu.


Red Handed said...

For ones it feels creepy! The dreams of women in red ghaghras n stuff....nd random people coming in ur mind.

But wen i try to see it even i have starnge dreams, dreams i have no connection to, dreams i forget and suddenly when i am sitting busy doing sumthing productive these dreams haunt. Happens!

Nd about the people. Some laughs, some talks, some expressions, some looks, some faces stay in your mind no matter how lil role they had in ur life.

I might b making no sense but reading this i cud only comment this way. Pardon my ignorance!

Mansi said...

Can you ever control your dreams? Is it necessary to always make sense?
I doubt!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Deja Vu, oh I have had it many a times. Its like 'hey I've been here sometime before also.' You can't actually remember what had happened, but it feels like that you might just remember.
I think I am better paid of in dreaming. I don't remember most of them when I am awake.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mansi said...

Lucky you! It's like a curse when you remember bad dreams!

Shaan said...

i tried to make a sence to ur dreams ......

lush green says happines, a women drssed in blood red ghagras...says a heart of a women...back chuniri...says bad thoughts ....Dry well--- a help which is also a helpless

Overall dream :-
A women was very happy 1st then she dnt know what happen the world around her has changed her heart as changes his thinking she dnt know wht it the thing that is making her soo week......where ever she see their are same people infected by same disease, she ask for the help the people are also helpless to help her......