Friday, December 16, 2011

A life like this!

A life without boundations..without boundaries. Where there are no watch to keep track of time. When you sleep without thinking of the time when you need to wake up..when you walk without worrying about the time of coming back…where you can just keep talking with your best friend all night without any thought of getting up early next day.

A world where there are no boundaries. Where you could just say anything whatever is there in your mind. Where if you love someone you could just go and say what you feel…where if you want to be with someone you could just go and be with him/her. Where you could scream, shout, cry without giving reasons.

Can’t life be this simpler? Can’t we live real life for once…why do people pretend?

Oh this complex world! Oh my silly naïve heart!


Soumya said...

Sigh! If only things could be the way we wanted it to be.

There is a world like this, somewhere deep within you. Find it and you wouldn't crave this anymore.

Its a complicated life, naiveness is best at times. Like someone said, 'Ignorance is bliss'. The lesser you know, the better.

vish thakur said...

hmmmm life is all abt wht we can enjoy our life bt is is true no one knows!

vish thakur said...

manasi i m big fan of your writing....keep it up ! you inspiring me to be a better blogger!

Mansi said...

True! Bt I am trapped in this phase of lyf!