Saturday, December 24, 2011


I am going insane. Or this world is getting crazy. There has to be one possibility. I want to cry. Cry like a baby. If growing up is such a curse…I would probably choose ending my life here at this very point. I am tired of good-byes. The pace at which relations are going away and people are leaving my life..soon I’ll be bog down again in the marsh of oblivion. I believe in maintaining few but valuable relations. And my intensity of maintaining them is so high that I can cross every boundary to retain them. But, the point where I see my place changing in their life…or I am losing or have to share my people with someone else…and even that person is not fighting back to save my position in his/her life…I’ll stop fighting and lose the battle myself! But I never felt this helpless ever as I am today. It’s like damn suffocating. The air is all round but you couldn’t breathe. …having everything still deprived if it. The pain of watching your own foetus dying in front of your eyes. That painful it is watching your most precious relation dying every second before you and you couldn’t do anything about it. The trauma is unbearable. Save me oh lord! Save me!

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