Monday, January 2, 2012

A year that was- 2011

I read the post I wrote on 31st December 2010..and to my surprise when every blogger was busy hitting keys ..writing posts for the last day of 2011…I did not even realized or got this urge to write something for the year which just passed by. But reading that post made me realize one thing….that things have changed…drastically. I remember writing a note for ‘him’ and for the other ‘woman’. It made me smile today…that post..the words..and the love I HAD for him. 2011 was a roller coaster ride for me. Things changed, people changed, relations changed….and I a person. I won’t say I have become more mature or something…but yes…I certainly know a little more as to how to deal with this thing called “Life”. No no no ….Don’t get me wrong. I still commit disasters in my life….I still make blunders….I still cry like a baby sometimes….but I also have learned to smile…to handle those disasters and to face those blunders. I have grown a bit….as a person. I lost some beautiful people also…some walked away…and from some…I had to walk away!

Today, I don’t regret his absence. His walking away made me meet with a beautiful person…from whom I learned what true friendship is. Even if he won’t stay in my life forever…I would be glad I met a person like him in this journey.

This year certainly made me realize true worth of few relations. As I moved away from my home town…my nexus with few friends grew quite strong. Yes, I write crap sometimes stating I am all alone and all…but I know these people would always stand by my side whenever I call them. And, after all, end is inevitable. We cannot hold a single hand and walk all the way of this journey with them. Someday, we all have to walk alone…we have to face life alone. But I am blessed to atleast have such people in my life…though very few….but I have! I owe them.

I realized value of my family like never before. Specially my dad. He is a true rockstar for me. I love him and I am blessed to have a father like him. I know for every girl his father is the best. But, Dad you…You are best of the Dad. He is the person who loves me the most on this earth (and in heaven…it’s my grandfather  ).

In all, 2011 was a year mixed of emotions! No great thing achieved though…but definitely few great realizations!

With this...a very happy new year to all my blogger friends!


pIyUsH said...

great thoughts again,,cheers for that..
change is inevitable & for the better and i am glad that yu have finally met with this beautiful thing.go along with the flow and accept that yu certainly have much better people whom yu can share yur joys & sorrows !!

cheers !

Geet said...

there is so much of energy and joy that is coming out from this post.. keep it up dear.. u know all such stuffs in life.. dun worry, i'll not start here.. :P
take care.. :)

Mansi said...

I certainly am!
Thnx a lot :-)

I hope this energy remains for long this tym!

Vilson said...

The end of the year is a time for us to reflect on the past year and good to look back and see good things happened and changed our lives.

A hug and goodbye.

Mansi said...

thnx :)