Thursday, January 5, 2012

The rule of 'Power and Dependency'!

That thing in your eyes is not water…tear is just a name given by people who love to define things. They love defining each and everything…giving names to people, relations, feelings! The thing without name does not exist for them. For them life is clear…crystal clear with defined terms, known relations, already discovered feelings. Reason they find in everything we do. Logic is the word they run after. Logic to love someone…reason for that drop in your eyes…cause of the pain you are going of the relation you share with someone. This world out there is full of practical people. They live life with pragmatic approach. They are with you when they need you….the moment the interest ends…the bond is over. They call it mutual beneficial society. As per them people come together…build relations…and even marry for some reason. They seek some benefit out of every interaction..every strand of relations and so called ‘love’ they have for the other person. It is like you are my friend because I possess something which you lack and I will act in a manner you want coz I am a weakling here.. The rule of ‘Power and Dependency’. You dominate coz I am dependent on you. And I will act in a way you want coz you hold the ultimate power. Now the game is in the hand of the one who dominates. Not because he has that quality ..but because he is ‘practical’. He knows how to define terms…how to give names. And the poor or rather nincompoop dependent is a slave. Not because he is weak…but because for him love hold no terms. It is undefined. Selfless.

The race is on….between the dominant and the dependent. Who do you think will lose? The answer lies within all of us! The ‘TRUTH’ behind this lie!


WomanInLove said...

I heard in a movie(I think ghosts of girl friends past) that the power of a relationship lies with the person who cares the least about it.
I guess that defines it. But you never know when the dice changes are luck favors the other

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I am from the world, I too believe in finding reasons. But I do believe that reasons also help solidify the bond beyond feelings.
Interesting read,

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mansi said...

The dice turns only once...and then the whole game is defined!

Agreed! It definitely solidify the bond....but what relevance does it holds without the warmth of feelings?

Raajii said...

It's the search of it, the definition of it that matters, and we are all trying to find ways for it all to make sense to us. Because we can't function if it doesnt make sense to us, you know.

WomanInLove said...

Mansi - No, I have seen the dice turning both ways many a times. With me too. If you try hard :)

Mansi said...

Why to seek sense out of everything we do? Why to define relations and search for black and white when life in grey is not that bad?

I wish! :-)