Monday, March 18, 2013

A zillion things...such as these!

There are like zillion of things that has been left behind. You know. A zillion. The rainbow colour frocks. Maths text books. Clips that had pink butterflies on it. Hairbands that could stretch till the point your both hands could. Red and Black in colour. The summer vacations with cousins. We could sit all afternoon in the verandah at nani’s place. Playing teacher-teacher or house-house. I never understood why we repeat that two times you know. Video games. Sunday mornings.

And then there was this strange happiness inside. Amidst all holiday homework…all the fights over trifle issues….there was this strange happiness and contentment inside. As if the whole world is ours. There is only love and love around. Whom we love…loves us back. No complications. No heartbreaks. Tears come out only at broken doll or losing a game. There were dreams. Dreams of a happier tomorrow. Like life is waiting with open hands to welcome us.

There were twinkle in the eyes. Beauty in the smile. The REAL smile. Charm on the face. No dark circles. No insomniac nights. No uneven grown nails. No red, blue ,purple ,yellow nail paints to make the ugly fingers look a little better. No compacts and foundations to hide the dead skin. There were no dresses…costing thousands of bucks..just to hide the body which is getting older and revealing the one which is not real. There were books that would take us to a wonderland and not the one which would show the ugly reality. There were no realizations. No reality checks.

I wonder what a heaven I have left behind. Saw all those dreams. Studied all night. Solved numerous math problems. For today? For this time? All those things….what for? Today?



Tarun said...

Reminds me of my super childhood, and the simple innocent days. But hey, isn't this the way life is meant to be? I'm sure 10 years down the line you'll look back at these years and wonder the same. So..

shivangi said...

Superb!!! I too regret the same..

But life goes on , just believe everything happens for a reason , and hope that reason is good for us.

Anonymous said...
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Mansi said...

@Tarun: yes it is...but I wish when I look back..i have nothing to regret:)

@Shivangi: yes...i blv in that :)