Friday, March 15, 2013

Your fragrance!

4th Jan 2013

There is this strange fragrance that reminds me of you. I find it everywhere I go..u know…everywhere! It’s your fragrance…like the one I used to feel when I was around you. Like the one that was there in your room..the one in the yellow sweatshirt you gave me…like the T of yours I wore that day…like the one which surrounded us at that bench of campus….the one I felt when you hugged….like the one of the evening in the park. It makes me go insane…it drives me crazy..your fragrance…all round me. I feel suffocated…why suddenly everything has started using your cologne?…why everywhere I find it but not you? Oh yes…how can I find you now? We are not together…we never were.

Do you ever think of me? Does anything such as this reminds you of me? Like any specific word that I used to say every now and then..when you hear it from someone else? Like the way I used to smile after crying….like the way I used to tease you for girls…like the endless lectures… the theories of ‘moving on and getting over with the past’? Do you? Do you feel relieved after talking to someone else about the lows of life? About your past…like you used to…with me? Do you? Do you sing songs with guitar over phone to someone else….like you used to….to me? Do you? Does someone awake whole night because you are not sleeping….. like I used to? Do you fight with someone and make up by evening every day….like we used to? Do you share the same bond..the same love…affection with someone else…like us? Can you set example with someone else…of friendship…of love…like ours? Can you? Does someone else cry with you all night…like I used to…and not hung up the call till we both stop crying? Is there anyone who love you more than I do..Is there? I know there is no one…but definitely someone you love more than me!

And ohhh….here it is again….your fragrance…all around me. Does anyone feel your fragrance…like I do?

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