Friday, February 12, 2016

Phases and Batches!

I believe that life comes in phases and that people are divided in batches. So, you know you have Phase 1, Phase 2 and so on. And then there are batches like Batch 1, Batch 2 and so on. Most of batches pass through most of the phases. It is like a matrix. What I am living today…someone might live it three years from now. Some batches stay in one phase all their life. And then there are batches who pass each and every phase. People like us…intense..melancholic…always looking out for something.

I have known a lot of people. People from the virtual world…from real world…and people from virtual world to real world. And I have known people who have refused to grow up with time. I met people like me…people hard to understand…hard to satisfied…yet finding happiness in small things.

So I would like to call such people ‘we’, coz I feel we all are same in some way. We believe that having a relationship is healthy and fulfilling but we should always have our own time to read a book…sip a coffee or just roaming around. We also believe that there exist a whole lot of gap between being friends and being in a relationship…and we call them ‘unnamed’ or ‘untagged’ relationship. We all have had one. And we all understand why. We understand that there is a life beyond shopping and gossiping. And we know that love and soulmate could be two different persons. We learn letting go of things early than any other batch and no matter how hard it is…we learn to follow path of empathy.

We might seem disconnected from the world…but we are happy the way we are..or atleast when we are not….we do not fake it! This is to all the ‘We’ I have known….

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The Boy Next Door said...

The term "we", so much resembles with our creed unites all, well written!! :)