Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Part of ME!!!

*There are these deep thoughts running through my mind...still I am blank.A sort of fear, pain , pleasure I am feeling....yes, all at the same time.Reason is something I never get an answer for.

*I love nights...the darkness hide many mysteries beneath its shadow..conceal wildest of desires, the insanity of love.

* People suffocates me, I like being alone..with my thoughts and some old memories.Crowd makes my heart feel uneasy. I Sometime feel like an alien , as I feel so awkward at times coz I cannot feign like them ..laughing, shouting, talking without reason.

*I love crying out loud..with my eyes getting red and swelled. It gives a sense of satisfaction, of being alive. It makes me feel the fervor of being in feel the pain.

*I kind of remain normal during day but as the night comes closer, I feel as if I am an entirely different person..the feelings, the thoughts, the desires...they all changes...completely. I feel scared sometime for my own thoughts.I cannot talk with everyone during this time. I ponder my mind on numerous bizarre issues.And as the day falls in...the thoughts if they were never mine.

* People find it difficult to understand me and my thoughts and I find it really hard to match my frequency with them. In all these years I have not found a single person who understand the REAL ME. One deduce one part of my being while other others'. It haunts me..this never find a person who can understand the complete me.

*Relationships are my big time enemy..or better say I am theirs'. They never stay with me for long. Whenever I try to befriend with them..they ditch the middle of ocean. And so, I detest them now..but then..even hate has some part of love in it.

*I love to be a scorpion, a true one.And I like being with TRUE Scorpions too.I like the mystries they keep with themselves, the aura they have around them, the dominating power, their full of mystries. But I also envy few..for being more powerful in thoughts, for being more enigmatic and more dominating.

Thoughts are endless tonight..perhaps I should stop here. Few things in life should remain undisclosed...

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