Sunday, October 17, 2010

To Geet- the rhythm of Love!!!

Wish you a very happy bday sweety..You know I have been trying to write this for so long...but then ,may be few things need some special occasions to wait for.
This post and each and every word here is for you. It may sound stereotype but yes I still remember the day we first met...and you know what impression you made on the very first day..I never thought we would make such a good friends. We two are quite different as far as our behaviours are outspoken, loquacious. You used to talk with everyone...and god..non stop.I, on the other hand, was quite reserved. But I always liked the way you bring smile on a dull face. I always liked you but at the same time had a perception that somewhere you lack some level of maturity..but this notion of mine changed entirely when we shared few thoughts and things about our personal lives. I could not believe my eyes then, that its the same girl standing in front of me whom I once thought is too different to even meet some level of my frequency. Time passed by and we shared a lot of things about our lives, our likes, our view and perceptions on various subjects..about life, love, friends, family...
And I realized...we are somewhere our views, in our notions towards relations, love, friends, life etceteras and etceteras. And then there came a time, when I was in a need of a friend..someone who just can listen to me..without questioning anything...without any comment...and there were you...standing by my a patient hearing to all my woes..and then finally bringing a smile on my face with all your peppy talks. We never used to talk everyday..but the level of comfort i share with you..the ease with which I can share anything and everything is just far apart from everything. I cherish each and every moment we spent together...the long talks...the endless discussions...the way you always boasted me up during my downs...the way you understand my heart...your hugs...everything.
You know you are one of the very few person I can talk anytime with and about anything. This is just to say that you are very special..a true person who value relations and knows how to keep them. Your take on relations and the level of maturity I have seen in you...the way you maintain everything..your career, relations, commendable. I learned a lot from you..and still trying to.You are one of the most beautiful and strong person I have met. Just want to say always maintain this attitude of yours…coz you are different…don’t ever lose that quality.

With Lots and lots of love.


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