Thursday, January 20, 2011

“Are you still into it? I thought you moved on! When will this stop? When will you stop doing this to yourself? Understand, this is not solitude. This is not the thing you are meant for! Come out of it. Have you ever noticed, years have passed! You asked for time…its been years now…how much time you need now? Are you listening? Look at your face.. so pale! Why can’t you behave normal? And what exactly you do, sitting whole night in front of your laptop? Your eyes are going weak! You need good sleep. .. . . .”

”What being normal is? Where should I move to move on? How can you measure time with memories? Who will decide what I am meant for? Who will define solitude and bliss?... "


AS said...

live it and as you do things will become clear.

Soumya said...

No no no Mansi.. No going back to that phase..

Mansi said...

hope so !!

Moving on is the last option :-|