Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feel Good :-)

There is this strange bond we develop with few people…even without meeting them. I have always believed that duration of time doesn’t matter in any relation. It is just a matter of click that works. There are people in my life..or better say around me, whom I have known for years, yet not able to connect with them. And then there are people, whom I haven’t even met…but I still feel close to them in some way or the other. I have lost many relations in life…still always blessed with few wonderful people around. I believe in maintaining little but true relations…the reason why my attrition rate of relations is so high. I don’t regret losing any of them today, coz I believe they were just not meant to be in my life…this was how things were planned.

I never loved my city…in fact I sort of hated it..always. In all these 22 years , not for a single day I felt close to this city in any way. But, for the last few days I am feeling a strange connection with this place. Like relations, I believe we connect with things and surroundings as well. Is this place playing its role…making me falling in love with it? Was I blind not to look at the beautiful surrounding here? Or it is the people around me making me fall in love with this place? But, people are same.... surroundings are same…then what has changed? My perception of looking at things? Whatever it was, for today…things are changing…and this time for good I believe.

And then there is one more thing for my calm behavior …the quality time I am spending with myself. And, I believe this is the most important thing to do…to spend some quality time with yourself. The more I am into myself, the less I feel this need to be with someone. And with each passing day, the intensity to be with myself is getting stronger. And I guess this is the core reason for all the "feel good" factor and wonderful surrounding these days.


Soumya said...

Felt really good reading this..

Keep it up :)

Mansi said...


thnx :-)

Shaan said...

nice one yaar.... :)

Mansi said...

thnx !!