Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Fighter for me

You know the worst feeling in life is not to feel depressed or defeated..It’s the feeling of helplessness. It is too toxic..this feeling of feeling helpless. People say that the person who commits suicide is vulnerable…but I say, he is the person who has gone this feeling to its extreme.

A person who has always been excellent in academics, sports et al, develops an ego or superiority. He has always been at the apex. He only knows what winning is, with no idea of how a person feels when he loses. And then there are people who have always crawled…crawled to compete in this race. A person with no extra caliber..a mediocre which we say. He knows what losing is. He won’t complain if he does not achieve his dream…he won’t utter a word if he is the last person standing in the row..he won’t shatter by a failure..coz he is a fighter. He is a person who knows how to face the complexities of life..he knows to handle his failures….he knows what helplessness is…he knows how it feels when dreams shatter…one after another. He knows to walk alone…to rise after falling. He lives a life with ordinary aspirations…with basic necessities…with small dreams. He seeks happiness in watching birds fly not aircrafts.. in the smile of a baby…in the voice of his spouse and not the noise of cars, in the home of two rooms and not in the house of uncountable rooms. He is away from the tension of EMIs, maintaining social status, social pressure. He is far from the feeling of jealousy and ego…In this race of making a name.He is a person living life on his own terms. He is a person who has created this small world for himself.
Yes, he is a FIGHTER!


Soumya said...

'We'.. We are fighters :)

Mansi said...

yes....'WE' are!!!

Rajita said...

True, well written!

Mansi said...

thnx :-)

Shaan said...

thx mansi for xpressing always well written

Mansi said...

thnx Shaan!!

We all are fighters in someway!!!