Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Days.....these days!!!

This time is so frustrating. I spend my days doing nothing…nothing at all. I have so many things piled up…so many deadlines…but my mind is just not with me..neither is my heart. What am I doing ….I just don’t know what am I upto! I sleep whole day….awake all night. My mind is blank with overflowing thoughts…heart numb with so many feelings together. I smile, I cry, I scream, I stay quiet, I run, I stand still……..I feel calm at one point and berserk at the very next moment. I want to stay alone yet want to talk with everyone. I hate networking still search for new faces. I feel so confident and weak at the same time. This world and I…we are not going well together. I have been trying to make this world mine for quite sometime now ,but see everything going futile. I feel void and contented …beautiful yet ugly.. I hate dreams yet live in my own delusion. ..what sort of a feeling is this? What sort of a life is this? What kind of a mind and heart I own?

This really is frustrating!!!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

This world and I…we are not going well together.

Stand Out!

For the rest, it happens, go for a walk, or maybe write them down, sometimes it helps.

For me, laying down underneath the starry skies at night in solitude helps.

And if you are away from home, go back, for a while.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mansi said...

thnx :-)
a really helps!!!

Rachit said...

It’s been dark for long,

Life full of emptiness,

Shadows of past still haunting it,

Loosing has become a habit,

But, I know it won’t last for long,

soon the glooming Sun will overtook the dawn.

Once, I soared high in the sky,

Away from the reaches,

Away from the sight,

Flight has been now cut short by the powerful storm,

Wings tear and torn,

But, I know it won’t last for long,

soon the spirit of joy will overtook the fear..!!

Mansi said...