Friday, March 18, 2011

People I meet- II

I have this habit of making perceptions about people I meet. I sometimes make perceptions without even talking to that person. Seldom has my judgment proofed to be wrong. I am not bad at judging people if I am not too good either. Many people say that it’s not a good habit…to judge people. But this is something which comes naturally. I don’t have to put any effort for that…and I don’t see any problem also.

But when my perception about a person change…it makes me think..think too much that I realize I was taking this person just opposite of what he/she actually is. It’s always like this…either 100% correct or 100% going in between.

Yesterday I was talking with this guy whom I met few months back. His first impression on me was not good. I took him as a very arrogant and sarcastic person. I never saw him talking with people. The only thing he could talk is sarcasm. I did not like him much as a person but there was something very attractive about his aura. His confidence and the way he speaks. I would say he was the only boy who could speak his mind in the crowd and I always like this attitude…but talking to him was against my ego. Few days later I realized we actually were talking..during GD’s offcourse. From his FB profile I came to know that he is a Mass Comm student and is into a relationship. Frankly speaking that took me by surprise coz to be into a relationship for a person like him is quite strange. Perceptions I know!

Later we shared few talks and I realized there exist a different person beneath this arrogant and sarcastic person. After that whenever I talked with him, my realization became more and more strong. And last night we talked for quite sometime. I told him about what I thought of him during our first meet. I was right. He is actually two person caged in one body. I knew that already. And when asked about me..he said almost the right things about me. He is quite an observer. Yes..I am arrogant..not much now though..I used to be once..but those little shades of arrogance still exists. I don’t like being defeated and I talk my mind. I sometimes like proving other wrong with my arguments. Yes, I am in little pain too. And above all I am a woman. Woman who likes to dominate…who don’t seeks permission of others to speak or do things. Yes, he was right. Somehow, I felt I have lost these things somewhere…but listening these traits after long made me feel good in a strange way. I realized there still exist that spark in me…it’s just that it has become dim…and I will make it shine again.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

My teacher often used to say faces are often deceptive
Later I realized that tainted is our perception. Faces and the real person are seldom alike, its when we interact with them that we come to know of what they are. It's good that you got to know that guy wasn't that bad afterall. :P

Nice post.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Rajita said...

I could see so much of me here..of the person telling me that spark in me..ditto!
great post!

Mansi said...

Yes...wrong perceptions create havoc sometime. Thnx :-)

Thnx..! It feels good to know people relates with you in someway :-)

Shaan said...

@kash mere barei mei app kuch aeysa likti.........hahahah

acha lagta hai post padna tumharey

Mansi said...

@Shaan: thnx!

harsh vardhan said...

Awesome write up pal.......i can totally relate with it ;) some places it felt like my own story....:)....and trust me on this u've got the spark and its not dim....u've every right to be dominating and controlling.regarding pain its like air 'u dont remember its existence, but its always there' not an are one hellova person....and u will outshine everything(one) in your way ;i've my faith in you..!! cheers

Mansi said...

that person is somewhere a replica of you ;-). Thnx a lot for your words..they mean a lot!