Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shocks and Surprises!

It’s been quite a while since I wrote something. This wasn’t a writer’s block but life was sort of hectic and busy for a change. Lot of unexpected things happened. Few surprises followed by few shocks. Life always compensate with what it gives from what it takes.

Starting with the surprises..I got a chance to have a little but quality talk with the person I am an admirer of..Neelesh Misra. One of the best storyteller and a person who always follow his heart. There is some strange way in which you connect with the people around. I say it often that this world and I are not going well together. We still don’t. But I feel myself connected with two-three strangers around. I have never met them…never had a real talk with ..besides knowing their name and few basic things I know almost nothing about them..still I feel connected with them.

Coming to the second surprise..I met few old friends few days back. I was shocked to feel that I don’t feel that same excitement and happiness meeting them after such a long time. These people were once my best of friends. I realized not only things but I too have changed. To what extent I still don’t know!

Things are not going on track for quite a sometime now. I have exhausted myself with all the efforts but sometimes you can’t challenge what’s already written. And now, despite all the wrong goings, pathetic downs..I feel a strong faith somewhere deep inside my heart that things will get fine one day.I feel that this is just a bend and not the end. That somewhere something has already been planned for me and that would be the thing I am best at. With few seconds of lost faith I rejuvenate from inside and my heart says things will get fine.

I won’t discuss the shocks here. Those were real bad memories. I wish to have a selective memory delete button. Having good memory is a blessing in disguise!

And not to forget, the last post "Relationships and me " won Blogjunta Editor's award!" It too was a small surprise! :-)

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