Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nothing Lasts!

Every good thing comes to an end. And with my life…good things hardly come…and even when they do…they stay for such a brief time that by the time I realize they are there, I find them gone! Relations, happiness, smile, love…almost everything! I always said that I may not be lucky in love relations but god blessed me with some beautiful friends. I always said I am blessed to have atleast one such person in my life whom I know will remain with me forever. But, my life is not that kind to me. How can anything be forever when I know nothing lasts ever?

Yes, I am hurt today! Hurt coz my heart wept in a way it never wept before…coz I cried like I never cried before…coz the last drop of love I have for that special person is lost….coz I have almost lost the last relation I have in my life…coz I know there is nothing left to feel happy of…coz I know I have nothing left inside me now…coz I am alone and not isolated…coz the differences has start talking….coz my eyes are tired of waiting…coz I miss old times…coz I miss to love and being loved…coz I miss my giggles and laughs….coz I miss those 2 am phone calls and endless, senseless talks with you….coz I miss your care and concern…your teasing, your ways of making me smile. Coz I hate these differences between us….coz I miss “US” and being your ‘bestest’ buddy…coz I know those moments would never come again…coz I miss your presence in this strange city…coz there is no one who says “I am there”…coz I know things will never be same between us now…coz everything seems so fake around…coz you made me realize the last thing I wanted from you “Nothing lasts”


vineet said...

stop xpectin and start living coz u got to lve once( stupid bt true), move on, 1 billion around,we can hv many, bt thnking abt the dreadful past will just make d present a dreadful past again, no offnc btw

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

You know there is a concept, that we attract negative things even if think that negative things should not happen to us. Instead, say positive things that you would like to happen to you. It works. Believe.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Geet said...

Awesome Post swthrt..!!
nd i knw wat r u referrin to..!
do tke cre.. nd keep smiling.. coz u realy hv a beautiful one..!!! :)

Mansi said...

those one billion cant replace that one special someone!

I have read about it! will try :-)

thnx dearo!
n I know you know!