Friday, August 19, 2011

Redefining relations!

I wonder if is it too easy to let go? Why people always say to let go of things and move on? Am I too weak or are they too strong to let go of things so easily?

I want to let go of few relations from my life. It is said that everything in this world has a life of its own..and nothing is for eternity. True they are! A point come in every relation when you feel the magic is lost and you have nothing left to say or share. A saturation point has reached where there is no space to add any new thing in it. I am not sure but think that at this point you should let go of that thing to save it from being worst. I am not brave enough and pretty scared to take this decision…coz those few relations are like my lifelines…but….but this but remains!!

I usually know the reasons and things which disturb me…but this time the situation is different. Even after asking millionth time to my conscious and subconscious mind that what it that’s disturbing me from the core…but I am not getting any answer! Why suddenly I am feeling this need to get secluded from attachment, emotions, few left over relations. Why this need of being isolated has emerged from somewhere. And oh…this urge is pretty strong!

I feel that no one matters for any one here…that everyone is playing a game and that even relations are nothing but a mutual beneficial contract between people. I want to be wrong here but this is what I feel…and I can’t change the feeling. The few drops of love that was left , for few left over people in my life, has dried up. I wish I could make it flow again inside me..but I know that the stage has passed and I have come a long way to make things fine.

I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to carry these relationships…for how long I can keep myself convinced that there are people who care…who love….for how long I’ll be able to pretend that everything is fine!

I wish I can! Wish I could!

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