Friday, September 16, 2011

Best Friends? :-)

Me: You know what…you don’t talk to me. I am not talking to you. It would be better if we don’t talk to each other. My time in your life is complete. Search for some other friend.
He: Listen…..Kam bol!

Me: You jerk…you never reply of my messages. I will never ever message you.
He: When did I not reply?
Me: Today, yesterday, day before yesterday…you just get lost.
He: Toh…I closed all matters of day before yesterday na? For today…umm….gemme sometime to think what excuse should I make :-P

He: Tell na what’s the matter?
Me: Nothing na!
He: Come on …out with it now!
Me: I told you the thing.
He: No…I am talking about the thing that’s bothering you!
Me: That’s the only thing I had to say. Nothing else.
He: You won’t tell na?
Me: I know na there is nothing else I could say,
He: Listen…you know yourself better than me?
Me: *all smiles*

Me: Why you always make me angry? What pleasure do you seek in boiling my blood?
He: I can do anything I want. I have every right to.
Me: have every right…you can do everything you want. I can’t do anything. Everything is yours.
He: Yes….aren’t you mine too?

He: Why do people go away whom I love so much?
Me: Don’t you love me? Am I not with you?

Me: You better start studying or else I’ll snatch the 2-3 girlfriends you are left with.
He: I don’t have any girlfriend ok!
*After sometime*
He: Listen….don’t do that ok….what will I do without them?

He: I am chatting with S.
Me: Ok!
He: What happen?
Me: Nothing!
He: Feeling low?
Me: Nah!
He: Ok…Then can I flirt with S?

Me: You know what you can’t always make me smile when I am angry!
He: I can!
Me: No you can’t. I am very very angry with you right now. And don’t you dare change the topic and divert my mind. I know you always do that and the moment I smile you know it’s all ok. This is heights of carelessness. How could you forget to tell me such an important thing? Or you do that intentionally? Oh yes…you don’t feel any need to share things with me now.
He: You know what…I bought an airtel sim for just Rs.12 today…can you believe?
And all I could do is to smile on his naïve behavior. And there he knows everything is under control.


tj !! said...

dese conversations hs been manipltd... N tht sim ws of vodafone nt of airtel n it ws @ 19 bucks nt 12 ..... :))

Abhinav said...

^-^ super like ...god bless ur frndship nd by da way wat plan in vodafone sim @19 :p

Geet said...

good post.. :)
lil funny too..!!

Mansi said...

So surprised to have u here. And plz not a single conversation has been manipulated!If u dun remember..that's not my prob. And about that voda and airtel... doesn't matter!
And gosh u r such a bad critic! I knew you'd only and only come to point the errors!

Thnx :-_
Ask him!

thnx sweetheart :-) :-*

Ashish Anant said...

This is interesting. Pretty interesting. Keeps you hooked. :-)

Mansi said...

Thnx a lot :-) Glad to have you here!

Rutuja Hendre said...

u know mansi... I just love reading this post of your's ...again and again
Even I have a best freind with whom I share this Khatti mithi relation...
Just love it