Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This place and my few old friends !

I would be lying if I say that I do not like this place. Keeping aside some of my health problems including this damn fracture; the place is not that bad. Living on my own is a thing I always wanted….though I wanted to go some far and serene place but not all your wishes are granted. Everything in this world teaches you something…so I am learning lot many new things everyday here. Not only about the world around but about myself too…Diving new dimensions to few old relations and getting closer with few new relations. Meeting new people and getting attached with them is not in my wishlist right now. I am exploring much more here. Few realizations, few deep down wishes which I wasn’t aware of, people who matter, nexus with few, my aspirations….lot many things.

This place is calm…too calm. I once was talking to my friend and said it would be better if I could stay in Delhi rather than Noida. And she said wait for few days and you’d say I love being here. Right she was. Few moments here are just magical. The sky, the nights, flawless moon, and my terrace (the most beautiful part of the place I live). I never enjoyed gazing at the stars so much; never appreciated the beauty of clear sky as I do here. I love walking and travelling alone here. I love watching the city at night via metro. It looks magical. This place.
Maybe for a very short span but I meet myself here. The real me. I laugh and smile for no reason. I miss few people terribly and realize they are more close to me now. I realized how much I love them and how much they love me. How we both are an inseparable part of each other’s life now. Despite trying hard and harder to go away from them, I only feel close and closer to them. No wonder, you understand the value of few relations after going far from them.

Love has taken a backseat in my life now. I don’t care much for the past ghosts now. They do not appear anymore in my dreams. And now even if they come back…I know how to fight and through them out. Yayyy!!

And I realized the value of my hometown. I remember talking to a friend once, who has been living in Noida for some three years and is now in Mumbai ,that I simply hate being here at my hometown. He laughed and said you’ll understand the charm of your hometown once you’ll go away from here. And guess that…he was right too. I miss my place like anything. No I don’t miss my parents, siblings, relatives and all only…but I miss my place.

It’s just the beginning. I wish and hope the coming years here makes me learn good new things and my relations with those few people remains as strong as they are now!


Geet said...

see i told.. you will surely love this place and the people around.. remember..??
Life will be really magical ahead.. and the countdown has started.. :)
and yeah.. me too miss our sophisticated gaon "Agra"..!!
anyways.. good post as always..
keep up the good work..!

Akshita Jain said...

Hey Mansi,
It is the first time that I am reading anything by you. And it compelled me to read more. You write absolutely fabulous Girl. I am the Editor-in-chief of Cupid Speaks- An Online Youth Platform. I would love to have you write in it. :)

Cupid Speaks

Mansi said...

YEahhhhh..........I rem your words!
And Agra is not a gaon common....
its such a lovely place...I miss it so much!

Ohh dats so nice of you....I would love to write anything for 'cupid'. I would love to do that :-)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Your friend is right. Home will always be home.
And Noida is faring to be better than Delhi, hmm, will have to consider that.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mansi said...

:-) I would still consider Delhi to be my choice! for many reasons!