Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do you know who are you?

Why is it always so tough to write about ourselves when it is so easy to talk about others? Making perceptions and being judgmental is so easy for all of us. We can spend hours gossiping and talking about others. And the moment someone asks us to talk about ourselves, we get blank and confused as to what exactly we are!

The same thing happened in my psychology assignment. As per which we were ask to write about ourselves, what other think of us, what we are to the world and what we are for real. I was amazed and surprised to see the reaction of the people. Nobody was ready to and comfortable doing the assignment.

Since then I have been thinking why people are so confused and get bewildered when it comes to knowing oneself? Why we run from it? What we are scared of? Do we really don’t know our real self or is it that we want to close our eyes from the reality? Why we are so adamant when it comes to accepting our own faults and very comfortable blabbering fault of other? Why we are so multi personified selfish beings?

I sometimes wonder will I be able to meet any person in my life who is not fake. I mean we all are at some point of time, but too much of persona is devastating.

We should know about ourselves first before uttering words for others. And the more you know about yourself, the more you’ll think before talking about others!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Hope for the best, someday you might find someone genuine.
Or, you might want to meet yourself, if that is comfortable to you?

Blasphemous Aesthete

Anonymous said...

You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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Mansi said...

I meet myself every other day. And thankfully I am not scared of meeting myself :-)
thnx :-)

@ Anonymous:
thnx :-)

Kunal said...

Most of the time...I think...we know ourselves...but..we do not know how to express it in words...everyone is unique...and there are subtle differences in the behavior, attitude and outlook towards lives, problems, obstacles..which separate us from everyone else...and every one from each other....but putting it in a difficult task...also..there are many things..which we may not know..about ourselves yet...because..we have not been in all the situations..and we have not seen all there is to there are a bit of unknown elements...that makes us a bit mysterious and interesting at the same time...and also people evolve..change..with time and situation...get silly...get intelligent...etc etc...and what we write about ourselves today....may not be true for us verbatim...some time in the future. The basic 'us' may remain the same...but many intricate things change...and may what we write about only that basic thing....Here..I am talking about other people...but may is more true for me....and may be for you too :)


Mansi said...

I don't think we all know ourselves well...or even if we know...then we are not ready to accept our faults...its like looking at the profits only and ignoring the losses!
I agree it maybe true for me and you :-)

Geet said...

I agree to what you said but i would also like to say that we know ourselves pretty well, but when others start knowing about that part of ours we become conscious and start acting weird.. it is this feeling of consciousness which keeps us a bit far from the reality..

very well written..

cheers.. :)

Mansi said...

For person like you and me....its not that tough!
But trust me I have met people not knowing anything about themselves. Its so strange!