Thursday, May 17, 2012

The battle of trying to be strong!

You know it is very awkward and strange when you have known a person for so long and suddenly you see a stranger in his eyes. You feel as if you never met this person before. You’re trying to identify what changed and what went wrong but every time you put a step forward, that person put three steps backward. You know all the lies and you know the ignorance and avoidance. Still you try to make things normal as you don’t want to lose on relation once again. You try to be strong and act strong when actually you are dying every second inside. You feel like a fool coz you know all his lies and he thinks he is able to befool you. You do not say anything coz you still trust him and expect that once day he’ll state the truth. But you also know that once the game of ‘lie’ starts…it’s rare that the things get fine and the game ends anytime soon. Coz once a liar, always a liar. You still wait for the day..and in this battle of making things right..not you…but he loses the ‘real’ you…he loses the care and love…he loses the true relation . But what kind of relation it is that needs to be managed so much? What kind of bond you were so proud of when there are only lies in it now? Till when you will pretend and feign that things are fine…that you are strong…when you know nothing is and maybe will never be.

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