Monday, May 21, 2012

World against me or I against world!

There is this whole odd world out know! Lots of things are happening around. Things you do not understand…things that scares you…things that bring the hell out of you….things you never thought could ever happen..things that were never meant to happen. But, this is life my dear. It gives you the worst gift in the best package and vice-versa.
There are things for which you fight with all your strength ,you know…you fight because that’s what you think is right and the only way to keep that thing with you. You try..put thousands of efforts coz you want it anyhow with you. And in this fight…you forget that there is life on the other side of the table, which is playing its own game. It’s own game of jealousy, distrust, insanity, greed and insecurity. And you…you are just a puppet standing at this side of the table. You want to fight with it? Can you? Haven’t you tried it already and still trying? What fool you have made out of yourself?
Stop. Take a break. Come out of the drama and look at things from above. Do you see what’s happening? Do you see where you have been befooled? Do you realize what value you lost in this battle? Do you realize what part of has been lost in this mess? Do you still want to fight? Do you still trust that world is not a selfish place? That people are with you just because of their benefit and not because they actually care? That love is just an illusion. And aren’t you with people for your own benefit? This is a ‘mutual benefit society’ we live in. We are here for our own motives and they are for their own. Haven’t you seen your day to day losing value in the life of the people you love? You know why? Coz your work in their life is complete…coz the things which you could do for them is over now….and so is your place…and so is your value. Take a deep look and realize that you can’t fight destiny…you can’t fight lie…you can’t fight with people you love. Let it be now! Leave the things as they are…coz if you have to fight so much…they are not worth being with you…and if they really are your’s..then you have fight enough to keep them with you!
Let the drama get over…let the world moves as it wants to be…let the things as they are…let them decide for they want you or not…stop losing yourself…stop being an option for them….do not give yourself up so easily for them…live with your dignity…coz if they can’t respect you as a person…if your words doesn’t hold any value…then it never will…and you’ll always remain just a topic for them to discuss.
Come out of the Drama and look for another dimension.


Green Speck said...

Very truly said...its a world of give and take now...there is competition everywhere...friends for benefit is the tagline...but then what would life mean without competition anyway :-)

Mansi said...

yes,but what would life mean when the best of your relations turn into competition?

Green Speck said...

true relations always come back... competitions are just a phase of life...they dont always exist, but relations do...and if relations don't, then its good you are out of them, 'cause they never were true :-)