Friday, June 8, 2012

It's not worth the pain!

Oh I so wanna write today
But words have ditched
Tired of feign the smile
Tired of making up life
Don’t want sunshine but why not a clear sky?
Don’t want laugh but why not a true smile?
Everything is right yet so wrong around
Don’t want to apologize for sin I never carried on
Holding on or make it free was never a choice
Strucked up coz few things still mean
Moving on is never a tough choice to make
But leaving things behind was never a choice I made
If God exist then please let this phase pass fast
It’s not easy to fight with the one in the glass
Oh dear heart you’re sick and week
This world is still a mystery
Find your way and start walking alone
Coz this is a world where relations are never known
Don’t be surprised to see people walk away
This is life and its gotta be this way
There was a reason for people to be in your life
Now the job is done and the reason is gone
Feel free and stop caring
Coz this world is so full of lies and hypocrites
Make yourself free from the painful attachments
Coz it’s not worth the pain


Green Speck said...

"It’s not easy to fight with the one in the glass" - loved this line....superbly written poem.

Mansi said...

thnx :)

Jack said...


First visit. Read all current posts. Any relationship is like a silken thread which once breaks can be tied back but the knot remains. I always talk of 4 basic principles of a healthy relationship and those are :

1. Mutual Respect, including for near & dear ones of each.
2. Mutual Trust, including not being possessive and giving space as well as not misusing such give space.
3. Accepting each other as he or she is without trying to change the other but trying to change self for the better.
4. Two way open and logical communication without losing temperament instead of keeping misunderstandings.

Of course, there are some more but these are basic pillars.

Visited your other site also and will read at ease later as what is there is to my heart.

Take care

PS : And keep faith in yourself and God, everything will work out for your best.

Noopur said...

Nice post....god bless you...

Mansi said...

All are true...but then heart is not bound to follow rules!
thnx a lot :)

@Noopur: thnx!