Thursday, June 28, 2012

The same ME and the same YOU!

Can't believe it's US. The same me.The same you. So much has changed. Almost everything.Will things be same? Ever? The same me and same you? Will you hold on again? Ever? This night is void. You know. Like my thoughts. Like my life. Like me.
Will you come back? The old you? Or have you moved too far? Can you see that hole?The one with nothing inside. Look closer. Can you see anything? Yes...That's you and only you there. That hole? That's a hole in my heart!


Green Speck said...

Fill the hole in your heart with joy and laughter .... changes happen, but sometimes they are best for us :-)

Aditya Agrawal said...

wish people could really see the hole they leave behind with all the pain that they fill in that hollow space. But they never did and the never will.

well written dear... superb.
full of pain , filled with feelings... and the best part , every word blossoming with love...

Jack said...


For sake of own peace of mind and happiness one needs to let go of the past and move on with life. One should keep fond memories but erase ones which hurt.

Take care

Mansi said...

@Green Speck:
hope d same!

thnx!Pain is always beautiful!

and what if d present is d pain?