Saturday, May 4, 2013


Life actually is a collection of phases. We complete one phase and move to another. Phase of being a teenager where school life rules...crushes, colourful dresses, birthday parties and gifts…they dominate our lives for quite a time .

Then comes phase two of being an adolescence…a phase of life where everything is so exciting. College life….friends….flings…late night phone calls….hour long chats and messaging…and that immense charm on face. We fall in love…get our heart broken. Friends rule our lives for everything. Family matters but friends still top the chart. Life seems like a roller coaster. Everything looks different. We see ourselves developing, loving, failing, dreaming. We tend to think forever exists. We think that the uncountable friends we have made will stay with us forever. Love gets a new definition. Our life surrounds only by friends and dreams. We think everything will remain as it is. Nothing will change. Nothing.

And then enters the phase of reality check. Things start changing. Dreams start shattering. People, we thought as friends, some of them will leave…some will get out of contact…some will break your heart…some will move on leaving you behind. You’ll realize that forever is just an illusion. You find yourself in the middle of nowhere. You’ll fight. Fight with everything…to keep people you love….to keep your dreams alive…to keep a hope in heart. You’ll cry, shout…coz everything is changing so fast that you find it impossible to keep track or move with the same pace. It feels like a storm. You’ll lose a hell lot of things in this storm. You’ll realize you have to pay the cost for the dreams you saw…things you believed…people you loved. You’ll feel alone and everything around seems like a lie. You’ll lose love…you’ll lose faith…you’ll lose hope. You’ll start hating everything.

And then, finally, the storm will start settling itself. You’ll stop. Stop fighting...stop thinking...stop crying....stop searching....stop escaping and just ACCEPT. Accept the life and what comes in...accept that whatever happened was meant to be...accept that there is no good in fighting anymore. You will realize, that no matter what people promised, no matter what you planned, no matter what you hated , no matter how much you loved…it’s time to accept the truth. Accept that this is what life is all about…accept that love, hatred, happiness, pain…they all are a part of life. Accept that sometimes, it’s better to leave things as they are and stop trying. Accept that everything in this world comes with a life of its own. That no matter what…at the end it’s only you who have to carry your own broken pieces and move along. It’s time to understand yourself better. To be independent. To deal with your problems by your own. You have to forgive people for what wrong they did. Coz you cannot carry the burden of regrets anymore. You have to accept their hate for you but what all you could give back is a smile and good wishes. You have to accept that your life is your property…making it a liability or an asset is your choice.

Coz at the end…acceptance is the only truth. Acceptance is the only bliss. And acceptance is the only option left.


The Boy Next Door said...

found it touchy.. Well done..

Rutuja Hendre said...

agreed totally...
could relate it with myself

mansi kashyap said...

glad :)