Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's dark...n I am cold!

The truth is that it hurts. It fucking hurts. This reality. It pinches. Like a needle. Direct through your heart. What are we faking? What the hell are we escaping from? Insomnia? Swollen red eyes? The suffocation? The endless effort to breathe? Whom we are lying to? Your eyes which you avoid to look through in the mirror? The fake laughs when you even don't know what you're laughing for, coz your mind is fcking somewhere else? The nights you're scared to arrive? The endless T.V shows you watch just to divert your mind? What and whom you're running from? Crying your heart out all night and waking up next day as if nothing happened? Telling yourself thousand times a day that you're ok when everyone knows you're not? You're scared to talk to yourself. Coz you can't answer the questions your heart asks.

What are you searching for? An escape? Well, no escape exists! No ESCAPE EXISTS!

It's dark...m I am cold!

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