Saturday, June 5, 2010

Your Name.......

I dont want to talk about you with anyone now. I wonder why they are so concerned about you...they kw it makes me sad...your sheer name. I have been trying a lot to act as if I dont care about you...but you kw the truth..dont you? Yeah...der was a time when you were the only thing I wanted to discuss about...but today...I dont want to utter a single word which hold your name....else they will take away the only thing I have today...your name with me.
I talk with it you know...and it answers me the way you always did. It makes me smile..make me sulk...makes me go crazy. Oh yes,...your voice always made me crazy...n your fragrance... it made me go insane. I never told you these things..but your name knows it all...the level of addicted you have made me.
N yeah, I missed you today. It was lyk as if smeone has locked me in a room with no sign of oxygen. was that suffocating..remembering you..missing you..wanting you to be my side. Do you ever miss me that way? Ahh....doesnt matter. It wont effect my intensity of remembering you.

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