Monday, April 1, 2013

Come wake me up!

She waited there. Half an hour. She should have known. He is always late. He said 4:30 pm. She said 5. They settled at 4:30. He asked to come before time. And like always....he was late. She thought of nothing. Of no reasons this time. Neither of the consequences. Of going there…again. need to let go of the reasons..and do what your heart says.

They sat there. At the same old place. Same old chair. After almost an year. The last time they sat there was June 2012. Right before a day he was to leave the city. Things were so different then. Who could have thought that one year later..they were sit there…just like known strangers. Thinking every word before spilling them out. Talking of things that are so formal…not so important. Career. Job. Et all.

The place was changed too..a bit. There were new things on the menu. New people over the counter. But what has not changed was the aroma….the magic of the place. This place has always been special for them. Right from the first patch up to the first big fight. From the numerous sort outs to the countless laughter. Maybe that’s why….they doesn't even have to decide the place. They both knew where to meet.

It wasn't awkward…but it wasn't the same too. The eyes were more on phone or on the people around then to be on each other. The ‘thing’ was gone. The comfort was missing. Nothing to talk about. Nothing to share. The eyes said million things. That it could never be the same again. Not even closer to what it used to be. It was more of an obligation that was to be fulfilled. The zeal was missing. The intention lacked. It wasn't a mistake. But it wasn't a right decision too. And then, the guy over the counter played the song:

Yeah the whole thing begins
And I let you sink into my veins
And I feel the pain like it's new
Everything that we were,
Everything that you said,
Everything that I did and that I couldn't do
Plays through tonight

Tonight your memory burns like a fire
With every one it grows higher and higher
And I can't get over it, I just can't put out this love
I just sit in these flames and pray that you'll come back
Close my eyes tightly, hold on and hope that I'm dreaming
Come wake me up

Turn the TV up loud just to drown out your voice, but I can't forget
Now I'm all out of ideas and baby I'm down to my last cigarette
Yeah, you're probably asleep deep inside of your dreams while I’m sitting here crying and trying to see
Yeah, wherever you are baby now I am sure you moved on and aren't thinking twice about me
And you tonight

~Come wake me up,RASCAL FLATTS

P.S: It was weird but amazing...the song that right for the moment.

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