Monday, April 1, 2013

Making the ones you love, hate you!

The stakes are high. Very high. To make the people you love, hate you. It rips your heart. Totally. Being bad or acting like the vamps. Portraying a picture of yours that you are not worth loving. Or even remembering. Creating a situation where mere name of yours will bring back so much hatred in their heart that they choose not to even think about you. Let alone remembering you. But the stakes are high. Very high infact.

But sometimes, this is what you have to do. Not thinking about your own heart. Your pain. Your suffering. But to think about them. To release them from your memories. Coz you are making them not forgetting you. They may have moved on…but somewhere…deep in their heart…are your traces. So why not create a picture that they loath. You know. Like really loath. More than monday mornings. More than broken heart. More than midnight tears.

And you do this…coz you love them so much to see them in any pain. You care too much to see them even remembering your name. You love them too much that you have to make them hate you. Coz you know…they are good without you. Coz you have seen them laughing their heart out without you. Coz you know…not being with them is the best thing you could do for them.

And about you….you sit on your couch…thinking about them..letting them go…setting them free…dropping silent tears from your eyes…and writing this. Tearing your heart one million times. Sitting here….with a kaput soul…and memories. You don’t know what went wrong…when things got so absurd. Whose mistake it was? Or was it just life?

You know…life is not good or is just…LIFE! You can’t fight with it. It would only make you more wrecked. So what you do? You give up. In the name of love. In the name of friendship. In the name of people you love..irrespective of what they feel…irrespective of the hatred…irrespective of the history….of the loneliness you are living with…irrespective of the void they have left…the deep hole in your heart. Thinking everyday…that all those things happened for a reason….that it was no-one’s mistake. Watching them moving on..when you still are standing on the same the same place. And years from now…when your name would bring only a blur memory of yours…you will still be remembering them…standing on the same road…waiting at the same point…where you saw them the last time.

Yes…the stakes are high. Very high indeed!

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