Friday, April 5, 2013


A lot has been done. Literally…a lot…to find an escape. Find none! And amidst this entire search for a door to run away….or a mere window…I lost all my sanity. Not that I had it in abundance…but whatever little piece of sense and sagacity I had…I lost it all.

And the consequences? Today…everything…almost everything makes me sick. The act of being smart by dolts….the noise of endless dramas by daily soaps…the infinite questions that the mind raise every other second….the stupidity of the heart to hurt itself over and over again….the thoughts of second chance….the endless fight between the mind and the heart….the apologies…the lies…fake emotions….the corruption which is never gonna end…the fights against it…the undue fasts….prayers….noise of guns made by the soldiers in the games my brother play….

And then…there are people. They make me sick. The fake and hollow persona they carry. Fake emotions. Fake words. Lies. The masks. The sham. Where are the real faces? Where are the true emotions? Why is it so hard to be the one you actually are and for god sake be a man for once to stand up to it. No courage is required to tell a lie. It is an action of a coward. It takes a real man and guts to stand and tell the truth. The real story.

I hate people who just run away from the situation. Thinking they are strong to turn their back when in actual they are the biggest chicken-hearted and timid people on earth.

During my graduation days…one of my mentors said to me once…that this is a mutual beneficial society. People …even your best of friends are with you for a motive. And let that moment arrive…you will be left alone…within a blink of an eye. How true she was. I miss such real people around.

For the moment…I just have trash around me…and all these noises and these people have snatched my sanity. I couldn’t find any escape except to shut the doors. To shut the doors of my life for some time. There is nobody in to go out….and for some indefinite time….no one would be allowed to enter the gate too.

I guess isolation is the only need of the hour. The only escape for the moment! Before I get ready and start a new journey…which is close….very close!


Avesh Sharma said...

Great ..... :)

Lucifer said...

Alone is beautiful...

Alone is true love...

So don't take it as a bane rather as a boon