Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fading away!

Everything around is fading away. Everything. You know! The terrace talks, the parking lots, the late night calls, all night chats, the messages. Graduation days. When you were with me. Always. The countless poems I wrote for you. The thousands of pictures which live in my pen drive now.

The days of all of us being together. We all. It all seems like a distant memory today. Like you wake up from a dream the next day and you don’t remember anything. Just few blur images. And the more you try to remember, the far the images go from you.

Remembering your words…which keep on echoing inside my head…makes me wonder was it really you? It feels like I was with a totally different person. What changed? I wonder. What exactly changed? And then I realize, we become a person we are with. And then it clears my doubt to an extent. How could I miss that? You are a carbon copy of someone else today. Selfish, coward, immature…not caring about anyone else…not even thinking twice before hurting anyone.

But then…why like everything else…your memories aren’t fading away? Why aren’t your voice becoming a blur image like the dreams I see every night. Life is such a smart a** you know! It is erasing every memory from my head except for yours. Every face, except for yours. Every voice………except for yours.

Hatred has always been my strength. It has made me strong. But with you…I can’t even hate you. And that’s where I failed. That’s the only point I fail. Coz it makes me weak.

Who says time heals every wound? Who the hell says that? Some wounds would never heal. There will always be some traces of the scars that the wound left behind. What will you do then?

Anyhow…the question is….why aren’t you fading away from my mind…from my memories…from my veins? Like everything else…like everyone else. You are not the first person I have lost in life. Then why aren’t you?



Latent_Thoughts said...

Hi Mansi,

Beautiful post. Specially the second para. Could not have expressed these feelings any better in my own words.

Mind if I quote you; with your permission off course?

~ LT

mansi kashyap said...

Thanku :)
n yes u can :D