Monday, April 5, 2010

He and She (III - The first Conversation)

Months Later...

Tanya:This exam thing is screwing me up.Have studied whole night still everything seems to be same.
Parul : Hey whats the basic difference between 2NF and 3NF?Between can we go and have something to eat. I am starving.
Tanya: Shut up!Exam is about to start.
Parul: Oh...mine number is three hundread something...pehle to tumhara aega.
Tanya: Guess what!(looking at the roll number chart). He is going to sit between Nitish and you.
She: Between who?
Parul: Damn! I envy you sometime. Lets interchange our roll numbers...lolz
She: As if I care.Let it be na.I am not going to talk to him between the exam anyways.

In the Lab:

HE: All the best!
SHE: Thanx! Wish you the same.
Parul(smirked):Wish me luck too guys!!
2 hours later:
Parul: I am not going to click on End Test.
Tanya: What the hell! Click it na.
Parul: NO!
Tanya:Are you mad or what?End it now.
Parul: I hate online exams.Turant jhatka de dete hain. I mean whats the need of disclosing result so early?
She: Hey I cleared the exam.
Parul: Where is HE?How much he scored?
Tanya: Must have topped...huhh!!!
She: No! Nitish has topped I guess.
Parul: Then go and ask him atleast how much he scored.
Tanya: You take care of your exam first... end your test now!!

She ran through the corridor. He standing near the water dispenser.

He: Hey!
She: So how much you scored? You got vanish suddenly.
He: Yeah! scored same as yours.
She: Oh!! You know how much I scored.
He: Yeah. Have to take care of few things!(smiled)

P.S.:Their first conversation lasts for about 5 seconds. But things started changing from that very point...From just staring they then started quid pro quo "Hi-Hellos" and Smiles too!!! Yes, things were changing amidst them!!!


Geet said...

nice beginnin..

Mayz said...

I am a lil confused here :-s

Mansi said...

reason being????

Mayz said...

yeh thoda sar ke upar se nikal gaya

funkyrave said...

Okay.. so finally they talk..
Great!.. and still "He" amazes me
hmm.. really loving ur "he" and "she"
Will wait for next..
Cheerio :-)

Mansi said...

hope u hv read d whole series..else........cant help der :-(
yeah...they talked is going to cme soon :-)